Welcome to my Wag Aero Sportsman 2+2 on line builders log.  I first started this log back in 2005. I have chronicled all the steps and pictures here of my build.  All posts can be viewed by clicking the Past Posts and Pictures by Date link next to the Home button above.  Click on Current Post for the most recent entry in the log.

A little background might be in order.  I’m retired from a 30+ year teaching career; having taught middle school Technology or Industrial Arts for those of us “old school types".  Recently, I started teaching  seminars (slide show photos) for Stewart Systems.  Back to teaching again.  I purchased the plans for the Sportsman 2+2 from in January 2005.  I had decided on the Wag Aero 2+2 after taking a look at other airplanes and looking at the type of flying I wanted to do.  The 2+2 fit the type of flying I anticipated so the project began.  I also decided to follow the plans and build the wood wing having more experience with wood than metal.  Most of my teaching had been centered around woodworking so it is something I both know well and love to work with.  I have made a few changes to the basic 2+2.  I decided to add flaps, as the original PA 14 was equipped, and to add the jack screw trim matching the Piper PA 18 Super Cub.  Building started in the 2005.  Although I first thought this would be a five-year project it has stretched way beyond that first estimate.  During the project we moved twice requiring a big break in building each time.  Since being retired, and now settled into our retirement home, I am able to spend more time working on my 2+2. 

I have included links on this site to download  drawings I have made over the years that may help other builders.  Please use the information here for your own educational purposes.  I am not an engineer so consider my postings and drawings simply a log of my work not an instruction manual.  All aircraft homebuilders must take the responsibility for their own decisions and work.  Please enjoy what I have here and I hope it is helpful.  

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